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Writing about paranormal activities is challenging and demanding, and it takes a lot of skill to develop supernatural stories. Anything from ghosts and UFOs to vampires and werewolves can be a part of this sub-genre. Most of the time, paranormal activity is linked to invisible species that lurk in dark and wretched locations. Limited knowledge about them makes it harder for writers to explain their stories. In addition, it takes a lot of imagination and creativity to engage readers in these types of novels. Writers use attributes, such as fear, suspense, and threats for a compelling layout and climax.

Aleas Asanti’s “Emily’s Soul” is a journey into the unknown world of the paranormal. The story follows the protagonist, Kelly Crist, as she grieves the loss of her husband and son. However, she needs to be tough to save her daughter Emily, who finds it hard to accept reality. Emily’s journey will take readers deep into the paranormal realm, where they will witness the power of love and strength. Moving on with her life, Kelly will ultimately find the power to save her daughter and give her the life she earnestly desires. Emily’s Soul is a captivating story that will stay in readers’ hearts and minds.

Here are a few reasons why Emily’s Soul is one of the best paranormal books that every mystery lover should read.

The story commences with a typical family living happily. Emily and her mother, Kelly, enjoy the adoration received from other members, which includes two males. However, a drastic change in their lives will completely subvert their normalcy and place them in a different situation. The loss of the two male members affects their lives, emotions, and overall  behavior, with a grieving mother fighting hard to recapture her daughter’s love and ensure her safety at all costs. But things change for the worse as paranormal activities tend to harass and torment them as the story progresses. These turn of events makes them aware of the unseen world that prevails around them.

The book is full of suspense, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they try to figure out what will happen next. Finally, it offers a unique writing style that helps set it apart from similar novels. If you’re looking for a good scare, this book is definitely for you!


Aleas Asanti is new to writing novels. However, she is excelling with her unique skills and talent. Her work revolves around passionate topics, such as love, paranormal, and point-of-view pieces. She is a mother of two and grandmother of three.

Her writing is unique because she can entice and engage the reader until the end. You can easily get immersed in her writings, which is a testament to her adroitness. If you’re looking for an author who can show you a clear yet petrifying picture of the supernatural world, then Aleas Asanti is the one for you.

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