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Bereavement – grieving the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. You may experience waves of intense and complex emotions, ranging from deep sadness, emptiness, and despair to shock, numbness, guilt, or regret. You might be fury at the circumstances of your loved one’s death — your anger focused on yourself, your loved ones, or God. You may even find it tough to accept the person is gone or struggle to see how you can ever pull through and move on from your loss.

Grieving at the loss of a loved one can also trigger physical reactions, including appetite changes, sleeping difficulties, aches and pains, and an impaired immune system leading to illness and other health problems.

Children who suffer a significant loss could express their grief differently than adults. For young children, the loss of a parent can be especially traumatic and impact their sense of security or ability to survive. Coping with a child’s grief puts added strain on a bereaved parent.

However, the case with Kelly and Emily, the protagonists of Emily’s Soul, is not so simple…

Ever heard about grief leading to a journey into the paranormal world?


Emily’s Soul – A Intriguing Story That Dives into The Mysterious World Of The Paranormal

Emily’s Soul by Aleas Asanti is a haunting, harrowing, breath-holding stay-up-all-night chiller of a novel. The story revolves around Kelly Crist, grieving the loss of her husband and son while trying to keep up with her daughter, Emily, who has not been the same since the devastating loss. Her journey will take her to the mysterious world of the paranormal, where she will have to do the unimaginable to save her daughter. Many of their loved ones struggle between what they believe to be true in this life and what they believe to be true on the other side of the veil. This raises many questions regarding the spiritual path vs. the wonders of modern medicine.

The paranormal mystery book combines the thrill of the hunt with the escapism of the supernatural. As the story progresses, the protagonists unravel clues about how the paranormal works and how they fit into a world far stranger than they had imagined. The captivating tale by Aleas Asanti invites readers to explore how far Kelly and Emily will go in exploring the paranormal and unveiling the veil from the truth.

The book is available in bookstores worldwide and online through the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.


Aleas Asanti, the author of Emily’s Soul, has always loved mysteries and occasionally dabbles in the paranormal. While working with the FBI, she developed an interest in mystery crime solving. She started her medical education after getting married and raising her young family, eventually graduating as a registered nurse. This line of work offered many doors to encounters with life and death experiences. She continued to devour mystery books and decided to pen her own.

When she writes, she sees the characters as if they were on a movie screen, and she writes what she sees. She has recently retired from the medical industry and is content with her life’s new direction.

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