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A book is only as interesting as its plot. It will not be exciting if the plot is boring, even if it is well-written. On the other hand, if the story offers promise, but the writing style is monotonous, it will be considered a compelling book. Many elements, such as suspense, mystery, romance, or paranormal, can make a story an interesting read. Ultimately, it all comes down to what the reader wants. If you want to read about ghosts and spirits, you will likely enjoy Emily’s Soul.

Written by Aleas Asanti, Emily’s Soul takes the reader on an emotional, suspenseful rollercoaster ride. It will keep readers on the edge of their seats with plenty of frights, sobs, and horrors. Aleas is an expert at providing a gripping novel that binds the reader till the very end; readers will experience the emotional changes in a unique way and enjoy the turn of events with high astonishment. The novel perfectly syncs with a reader’s mind, ensuring unwavering attention and enjoyment; readers will be left wanting more from Aleas’s fascinating works.

A compelling book that follows Kelly and Emily, her daughter, on their foray into the paranormal, where a defiant mother will have to make tough decisions to save her daughter from the clutches of the invisible species. Prior to this, Kelly and Emily lose their loving male members of the family due to an accident.

Apart from fictional writing, many loved ones are shattered by the activities of these creatures in real life and have to live with agony and suffering. Advancements in technology and the modern health industry have no clue about this unseen world filled with answers no one knows about.

Aleas Asanti, the author, has always loved writing about mysteries and supernatural beings. After marrying and raising her young family, she began her studies in medicine and became a registered nurse. This line of work showed Aleas how individuals cope with pain and suffer from incurable diseases. However, she has also visualized the positive side of this sector, where people regained health and started a routine life.

Aleas Asanti continues to write mystery books and will launch more in the coming years. Her writing style is compelling and engrossing, taking the readers on an eventful journey of excitement, suspense, and thrills. Her characters are memorable and exemplary, creating a clear picture in the reader’s mind for months to come.

Aleas is an expert writer regarding supernatural beings and the invisible world. Her excellent writing skills and captivating plots have mesmerized readers, including teens. Her ability to make the reader visualize the paranormal as something real is simply unparalleled. Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats when reading her novels—highly recommended for anyone who likes to journey the unseen!


For Aleas Asanti, writing has always been a passion. But it wasn’t until she retired that she realized the power of literature and the words inscribed. Aleas feels it’s an honor to use her literary skills to make a difference in the world. She is married to a supportive and loving husband and has two children and three grandchildren.

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