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The exciting paranormal mystery narrative is written by the most
celebrated writer of this genre, a mystery fan herself,
Aleas Asanti. The writer is from the
medical world, with a long history in the nursing profession.
Having the opportunity to work in many sectors of that field,
she shares, “You could say I saw & did it all.”

Aleas Asanti, the author, has always been fascinated by mysteries. Her passion for solving mysteries began early in her adult life while working for the FBI. She began her medical studies after marriage and raising her young family, eventually becoming a registered nurse. Her job presented multiple opportunities in life and death situations. She continued to devour mystery novels and finally decided to write her own. She describes the writing process as seeing the characters appear on a movie screen and writing what she sees. They become real, taking on a life of their own.

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Learn how Kelly Crist, having lost her husband and son in a tragic accident, steps into the unknown world to help save her daughter Emily. Read Aleas Asanti’s mystery paranormal scripture today.


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